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Now we are At the end of the flower season,It's lovely to reflect on the flowers we grow.

This is just a little look at what we had in bloom this Year 2022

There is so much choice, Every day something else poped up I have put together a few photo's so you can Have a look.

Each day I had a new favourite The snapdragons has such an amazing smell and soft texture they have been blooming for ever.

The Dahlia they never disappoint.

I really like the penny cress and wrinkled cress, It addes great texture to any flower arrangement. And one of my all time favourites is the wonderful Zinna.

If you can't see what your looking for just get intouch.

We are happy for you to buy a single stem of as many flowers as you require or let us choose and buy a bucket of mixed flowers,

Please get in touch for.

Flowers we grew this year: News
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